Leaders, I celebrate you.

You have given so generously of your time, attention, and energy, to support and lead the people around you. Being always attention out.

Now it is time for attention in.

As we approach the holiday period, consider how you will support yourself. I encourage you to be purposeful with your ‘down time’. To consider not only what others need from you during this period, consider also what you need.

What do you need so you are replenished, restored, and revitalised? So you can continue to lead.

Leadership requires sustainability… burn out serves no one. So set an intention for yourself, about how you will set yourself up for a sustainable leadership future.

I wish you a time of rest, peace, and joy.

Looking forward to connecting with you in 2023.



Stacey Ashley

Dr Stacey Ashley is a Leadership Performance and Coaching expert. She has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence & credibility.